Stock and availability

    Ledpoint offers a wide range of products and keep large stock of the great majority of the items we sell in our online store. The number of in stock items depends on sales volumes. We mark our items with a different restock level in order to offer to our customers more details before placing an order.

    There are 4 restock levels:

    • High restock item
      The item is always available in big quantities. We usually order many pieces and stock them since they are our most demanded items.

    • Average restock item
      The item is generally available in average quantities. These items are demanded and we usually order them in average quantities due to their average sales volume.

    • Low restock item
      The item is generally available but in low quantities. These items are more specific and not so demanded. We usually order very few pieces and we could also decide not to order them anymore due to their low demand.

    • On demand item
      These items are manufactured only on demand. Restock time varies from 1 week to more than 1 month depending on the kind of product.

    The number of in stock items and the estimated date of delivery for items that are not in stock are always indicated in the product page to inform our customers about item’s availability.