After the distribution agreement signed with Lighting Line and Skydance, our profiles and controllers codes have changed as follows.
    6mm Led Neon Flex -20 September 2018
    A new product to replace fluorescent lamps and create colorful and continuous light lines.
    We have recently expanded our aluminium profiles range with the aim of giving light to your spaces.
    New ECO range LED strips with LED chip 2835, designed to replace 3528 LED strips.
    New Snappy power supply -02 February 2018
    New Snappy power supply suitable for installation in reduced spaces and flammables surfaces.
    Our LED strips are synonymous with guarantee and reliability. They have been classified into the following product ranges, by taking into account important aspects such as quality and performance.
    LED strips Growing -22 November 2017
    LED strips Growing have been especially designed for algae growth.
    LED modules for backlighting -06 September 2017
    IP65 and IP67 LED modules for luminous signs and backlighting. Model featuring 3535 LED is suitable for light boxes.
    New waterproof IP64 LED strips with K silicone extruded protection. The silicone tube features thicker edges and it is empty inside in order not to change the LED’s real colour temperature.
    Both models allow to join more aluminium profiles at different angles and to install the heat sink and the diffuser at two different levels depending on the required light effect.